What is BITAS?

The Regional Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce is organizing the second edition of the Stati Generali del Turismo Attivo in Sardegna (General Assembly of Active Tourism in Sardinia) and the sixth edition of BITAS, Borsa Internazionale del Turismo Attivo in Sardegna (International Exchange of Active Tourism in Sardinia), with the overall objective of contributing to the improvement and boosting the competitiveness of 'Destination Sardinia'


Day 1

On Thursday, 23 March, at 09:00am, the proceedings of the second edition of the General Assembly of Active Tourism - and the sixth edition of BITAS - will be officially opened at the Conference Centre of the Hotel Catalunya. The Sardinia Region's Tourism Councillor and the Mayor of Alghero will attend.

An opportunity to exchange ideas and hold discussions to identify businesses operating in the local area, to develop proposals and think about starting and developing new initiatives and local networks while protecting and promoting the environment

Art, artisan crafts, culture, identity and agrifood traditions. Knowledge and flavors that tell the story of Sardinia through its top-quality products

Day 2

The workshop between Italian and international supply and demand will take place on 24 March 2023 at 9 am at Lo Quarter premises in Alghero. The B2B meetings between sellers and buyers are set up via a digital calendar and will take place both in person and via the web platform.

The second seminar, scheduled on Friday, 24 March, will endeavor to provide an answer to the question: Is it possible to predict the changes in the Active Tourism market and adapt its offerings accordingly?

During the first seminar, two experts in active tourism will explain the dynamics governing the international movement of this market.

Day 3

By bike, to the Giants of Mont’e Prama
The first offer is a cycling tour, albeit a short one, divided into two stages: From Alghero to Sinis via Bosa, and the areas of Planargia and Montiferru. This fascinating and varied route combines experiences with a variety of landscapes. Guests can choose between a regular or pedal-assisted bike and will be accompanied by experienced guides, with a minivan backup providing logistical support and assistance.

On foot, where the sea and mountains meet
The second offer is a walking itinerary where the sea and mountains meet in spectacular landscapes and experiences. Here we will experience the dazzling white cliffs of Capo Caccia, the dark basalt rock faces of Monte Minerva, the marvelous flight of griffon vultures, and the mysterious megaliths of the Marghine area.

By boat, sailing between Asinara and Anglona
Alghero and its bays are the ideal location for sailing. The third offer is an exploration of the sea and a fascinating sport that has stood the test of time, sailing in traditional wooden boats with a lateen sail, often seen in ports throughout Sardinia, as well as modern motorboats, dinghies and ‘Marconi’ rig sailboats.